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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  February 7, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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tonight in assume -- sumo, florida. five hours later after being tucked into bed, she's gone. her father comes home to find not a trace of little haleigh. the last person to see her alive, stepmother misty croslin. she claims she's innocent. even in that one half-hour interview, she can't keep her stories straight, including on a
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lie detector. she flunked. bombshell tonight after ronald cummings and babysitter turned stepmother, misty croslin, both handcuffed, arrested, booked. cummings talks first. stepmother misty croslin does the same. as we go to air, more jailhouse tapes, video and audio, hours, hours on misty croslin yaking. hours of visits with mommy, daddy, grandmother, brother, all caught on video. at this hour, investigators combing the tapes for evidence that may help find haleigh. croslin cracking behind bars, desperate, sobbing to get out of jail now! admitting to repeat drug sales, even ratting out her own brother on a felony. and claims tonight from behind bars her drug deals are to blame
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for little haleigh's disappearance. why? then she reveals she's got information she will use to get out of jail. this as we learn the same bounty hunter who bailed out top mom casey anthony now considering the same for croslin. evidence emerging croslin did not want to be bothered babysitting the night haleigh disappea disappears. with haleigh's father still in isolation tonight, pressure still mounting. where is five-year-old haleigh?
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sto stoch. good evening. i'm nancy grace. as we go to air, we have obtained more jailhouse tapes, secretly recorded video and audio, hours of misty croslin yacking, including hours of visits with mommy, daddy, grandmother, brother, all caught on video. at this hour, investigators combing the tapes for evidence that may help find haleigh.
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>> they're just trying to scare us, dude. >> i'm not talking to nobody. >> don't talk to nobody. i might have to sit here for four months, five months, until i get to court, but i ain't
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going to prison. straight out to art harris, investigative journalist at i understand there is a possibility that leonard padilla might try to bail her out. >> i've spoken with leonard padilla, and he might do it but he needs a bless fing from her attorney. i know he's talked to her family but has not gotten the green light yet. >> hours of videotape of her talking to mommy, daddy, grandmother, brother. in fact, i noticed in one of these tapes as we all listened to them, she says, well, i might
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go ahead and break down and talk to investigators and tell them something in order to get out. >> she does say that, nancy, and it's unclear what that is, and, you know, who needs detectives when you have, you know, a defendant accused speaking freely, confessing to her parents, which they can use these tapes in court, and she is just saying one thing after another that is burying her in the drug case. but what people want to know and investigators want to know is, what can they find in here that will lead them to haleigh? i'm told they have redacted this so there is a lot, nancy, that we have not heard. we've heard so much, but only the police know a chunk of information that she did say we don't know. >> everyone, tonight we get, we obtain more of those secretly recorded jailhouse tapes. misty croslin, the key to the answer, where is five-year-old
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haleigh? take a listen.
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we are taking your calls live. it seems like they are living in a parallel universe. they don't get it. they're in jail. they're looking at 180 years behind bars. out to you, dr. bethany marshall, psychologist, author of "deal breakers." we're about to open up the lines. what do you make of this? we also heard her say, i heard her say in some of these tapes that she's on, i guess, it seems
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to be anti-depressants, zoloft. how will that dry her out? >> nancy, i don't see her as vulnerable, frightened or scared. i think she's jonesing for her next hit. >> what does that mean, juin ju for her next hit? >> jonesing, jonesing for her next hit. if she's on opium and she's behind bars, she's desperate for her next hit. did you hear the did he say operati -- did he s desperation, and did you hear her try to get her grandmother to pay $10,000 to get her out? she doesn't care about the grandmother, she cares about her
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next hit. she's not thinking plea bargain, she's just thinking can she do her next -- i keep using the word hit, opiates or whatever. i think that's what she's on. they're using that as leverage to get to the truth. >> the bounty hunter who is offering to bond misty croslin out of jail, leonard, you managed to work a miracle and get top mom out of jail until that fell apart. do you think you're going to try the same strategy in this case? >> absolutely not, i learned my lesson there. this situation would only resolve in her being bailed out if she gave us information that led us to the child prior to her being released on bail. we would not put the bail down until she gave us the information and the child was found. and i've made that clear to everybody. some people don't want to understand that, but i've made it very clear. i'm not saying the law enforcement method is not going to work.
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all i'm doing is coming up with an option and the fact the attorney could pay me for $2 and he would be comfortable being covered by the attorney/client privilege. when you work for an attorney, you have his privilege also.
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she's not starving. number one, lunch. exhibit a. hot dog with mustard and/or ketchup, baked beans, macaroni salad, cookie, calcium-fortified beverage. i had half a hamburger patty that i made for everybody else. that was dinner.
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dinner, chicken patty with graef, mashed potatoes, corn bread, juice. i had some saltine crackers. what did you have? >> i haven't had lunch, i had a bag of chips on the run. she is getting fed in prison. >> she is manipulating her whole family. her grandmother has now missed a house note, can't pay the house note, and she's asking grandma to give her money to get out of jail, this after she confesses to relatives on video to eight or nine illegal drug sales. we're taking your calls live. we're going to unleash the lawyers. but first to paula in new york. hi, paula. >> caller: hey, nancy, we love you in new york. >> bless you and thank you for calling in. what's your question, dear? >> caller: i had a question and a comment. first of all, the night that haleigh disappeared and the police did come to the house that night, and i assume that they did search it, it's
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interesting to me that since the father and the girlfriend were both using and selling illegal prescription narcotics, why were there or were there any narcotics found in the home, and if there weren't, wouldn't this mean that the parents contaminated a crime scene by quickly getting rid of large amounts of oxycodone or hyd hydrocodone from the premises? >> that is an excellent observations, paula. i notice that every time this undercover cop would approach misty croslin cummings for dope, she would pick up the phone and contact somebody else and make the connection. she didn't have it herself, which may have explained what happened, but if they're users, you would expect to find it in the home, jean. >> that's right, but at that time, remember, ronald was at work for the night. she was at home or somewhere.
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i don't think we ever have confirmation about drug use or drug selling at that point in time. at this point the charges are filed, but at that point i'm not sure we have confirmation of it. but it's true what donna was saying, nothing was found in the house and there was a search. >> even at the get-go, we were getting reports here that they were involved in drug sales. but they were unconfirmed reports and they, in my mind, seemed to take focus off finding haleigh, but those reports were out there way back when. >> that's right, nancy, and ron had a lot of arrests. now, i chronicled misty's party for three days before where three witnesses told me she was taking copious amounts of drugs, oxycodone and other things, and was totally strung out when she came home. so anything could have happened after that, and she probably was jonesing then.
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[ music ] >> welcome to comcast local edition, i'm donna richardson, and my guest this hour is leslie prewitt, director of external operations, opportunity builders. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> can you tell the viewers about opportunity builders incorporated and what exactly the organization does? >> absolutely. we have been around for 47. we were started in 1962. we provokessa provide training d
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rehabilitation. >> what are the services you offer your clients? >> there are 170 that stay in our warehouse that do packaging then we have 180 individuals that go out and work for local employer. >> you have the employers who are helping out and also having the contracts to give those, like you said, in the warehouse employment possibilities. >> absolutely. we're always looking to new contracts to fulfill, inside of our warehouse and then outside we're always looking for new employers to hire our adults. >> now all of this, i know it takes funding, and you've got a fund-raiser coming up. >> right. >> so tell us about your mardi gras. >> well, hence the beads so you know why i'm wearing beads.
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we are very proud of our 12th annual mardi gras. we have live music, we have a casino, an auction, great food, beer, wine, and ice cream and it's a great night and a lot of fun. >> it does sound like a lot of fun. how much are the tickets to be able to enjoy all this fun? >> the tickets are $50 each. >> very, very reasonable, and it sounds like you're getting a huge value with the opportunity of the casinos and the great food and the auctions and the dancing. >> uh-huh. >> so with this, because i know it takes a lot of dollars in order to run the program, how do you plan to use the proceeds? >> the proceeds will help with our operating expenses, especially with the downturn in the economy and budget cuts, we will be using it to assist the
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organization. >> leslie, i do have a question. how do your clients become a part of opportunity builders? >> they are funded for the developmental disability administration. if someone is interested, if a family is interested in having family members participate in an opportunity with opportunity builders, they would call and then we would direct them to our director of employment that would start them through the process of the program. >> once they're in the program, do you also provide training before the clients either work in the warehouse or go out to work with your partner businesses? >> absolutely. in the warehouse, we do have an instructor to assist individuals with each contract, and as far as the individuals who go out into the community and work, we do training for those individuals. they have a one on one coach so we'll make sure the individual
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knows how to do the job before we have them working on their own. >> in going back to mardi gras, do you need any volunteers to help out, because that's a big undertaking you have so many different activities going on? >> absolutely. we can always use volunteers, but we can always use the ticket sales, and that's really a big emphasis for us, ticket sales and sponsorships. >> exactly. so there are sponsorship opportunities available? >> absolutely. >> how can they reach you if they want to buy tickets or become a sponsor? they can call our office. >> perfect. well, leslie, thanks so much for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> our guest this hour is less by prior to director of external operations at opportunity
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builders. for comcast local edition, i'm donna richardson. [ music ]
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i bet she does have a nerve
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problem. this is after admitting to eight illegal drug sales. we're taking your calls live. mark najame, expert in florida law. also with us, veteran prosecutor atlanta jurisdiction, eleanor odom. defense attorney, atlanta, renee rockwell, and defense attorney, renowned in his jurisdiction and beyond, albert, author of "how can you defend those people?" is anything a secret in jail? is every visit, mommy, daddy, grandma, telephone calls, you name it, is everyone recorded other than attorneys and preachers, pastors, priests? >> that's it. there's no right to privacy, there is no expectation of privacy. it's all public and it only helps seal the case against her. and what needs to be done is
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that noose is getting much tighter around her from the prosecution. in light of her last guest, he needs to stay out of it. there is no way he's going to be bonding her out. as long as she's got hope, she won't be talking. law enforcement do what law enforcement does, let the prosecution do what the prosecution does and let bounty hunters do what they do, which he's not going to get a confession out of her. >> you know, she said something very interesting to me. she said, yeah, i might go ahead and talk to investigators to get out of here. i might tell them something. i don't know how you took that, but it could be two things. it's not about the drugs, she doesn't need to talk about the drugs because they've got that on videotape. >> they already have her. >> it has to be something about
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haleigh, but is she going to be telling the truth or just say anything to get out from behind bars, renee? >> it's interesting, it doesn't sound like she's going to tell the truth, but if she tells the wrong person her get out of jail free card, it's going to come back later to haunt her, because nancy, if she knows anything, the only thing that's going to save her these 180 years, or what if it's only 18 years she has to do, she goes in there with an attorney, tells the truth, if she's not implicated of a homicide, and try to trade off some freedom for some information. >> mickey sherman, is there any way under the sun she's not implicated even if she were passed out on the sofa high on oxycodone, that would still be negligent homicide or party to a crime for negligence. >> that's assuming she was under
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the influence of drugs when the child was taken away or something like that. the caller a few minutes ago said there was no evidence of using of drugs in the place she was found, then there was also evidence of no sale. usually there are scales, plastic bags, any number of -- >> back up, sherman. we're not talking about cooking up crack or methamphetamine over on the kitchen, in the microwave. we're talking about oxycodone. why would you have scales? you're cutting pills. >> you could be cutting it and there would still be plastic g baggies and containers. she's also a user. >> put him up. lady justice -- you can laugh -- is blind. if she's out selling dope, she's selling dope. she's no different than the guy out on the street corner selling dope in the housing projects or
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the rich guy uptown in his fancy apartment selling dope behind closed doors. they're all selling dope. >> i disagree. if she's a user and an addict, the law takes that into consideration. >> well, says you. what about it, eleanor odom? >> i don't think so. they might if she's trying to get help. this is trafficking drugs, not just one or two pills. she is in deep trouble, nancy. >> let's take a listen, everybody. we've got our hands on more, just released jailhouse secret recording. i don't know if you've ever gotten a call from the jailhouse. i've gotten plenty of them collect. they would actually call a district attorney's office collect. of course, i would take the call and hear what they have to say. you can't help but hear on the other line this call is being recorded. so these people have got to know they're being recorded. they don't care. listen.
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we are taking your calls live. to colleen, massachusetts. hi, dear.
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>> caller: hi, nancy. when this first started, when haleigh first went missing, they brought a cadaver dog in, as i recall, and it hit on the dumpster behind the apartment building several times over the course of a period of a week, i believe. what did they follow up on that? >> what happened with that, art harris? >> i believe law enforcement searched every dumpster in the county and they even set up a central place where all the trash was taken, and they went through it piece by piece and did not find anything. >> everyone, quick break. we are taking your calls live tonight. more of those secretly recorded jailhouse videos and audios of misty croslin, the babysitter turned stepmother, the last person to see little haleigh alive. to tonight's ng photo album, here are the twins. there they are at grandmother's house. my mama is a pianist. here they are at central park in new york looking at the animals.
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and now photos from you. illinois friends, five-year-old emily, four-month-old hailey. their mom, chris, always watches the show with her two little miracles. and vancouver mom vanessa and her four-year-old salei, who loves to cuddle while watching our show. vanessa says the show encourages her to cherish every day with her baby girl. amen, sister. that's when shr
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grandmother for her house payment so she can get out of jail. take a shot. brett, take me into the new york control room. there they are. all these people you're seeing right now are coming into my ear talking about how they feel sorry for misty croslin. this is the woman that was
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either integral, key. look at me, liz, brent, rosie, i see you. integral in the disappearance of a five-year-old girl or was doped out of her skull. the girl is likely dead. so i don't want to hear you whining about her behind bars trying to rip her grandmother out of her house payment. off to the lines, cindy in florida. hi, cindy. >> caller: hello. two questions. is it found out that misty was gone out of the house the night haleigh went missing, will she face child neglect charges on junior -- >> excellent question. and what's the rest of your question? >> the rest is i don't think misty's ever going to have a caring bone, because all she's caring about is getting out, doing the right thing now.
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if she wants to do the right thing, she needs to say where haleigh is or where her body is or something. let crystal sheffield have some peace, which is easier said than done. >> and the grandmother, tracy nevice, heartbroken over haleigh disappearing. when i leave this set tonight, all i can think about is getting home and seeing the twins. hopefully they're going to be asleep. i could go in and i can look at them, i can touch their chest to make sure they're breathing, i can fix their blankets. can you imagine coming home and that crib empty and this woman holds the key to what happened to little haleigh? and she's talking about i may or may not talk to investigators so i can get out of here?
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everything she says, eleanor odom, is about her getting out, other people getting her money. she's never worked a day in her life except to sell dope, but now she wants her grandmother's house payment so she can get out of jail? >> i know, and didn't you hear her grandmother saying, we told you not to do that. it's not like she didn't know what she was doing was wrong, and i'd like to see some child deprivation charges on her as well for depriving both children of supervision. >> to paul, director of prevention programs, weigh in, paul. >> criminals never, ever cry because of what they did. she's not crying for the child, and she's not crying for her crime. she's crying for herself. first cummings said he's not worried about doing the time because he's only expecting to do about four months, which
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means he's settled for the crimes he's been arrested for, but what he's telling her is don't say anything because they both know where the child is or what happened to the child, and he's fearful for new charges he could face. he's telling her don't come forward with it, and my concern is kind of a tipping point. how much time will she do before she becomes kmfrcomfortable? will law enforcement get the information while she's uneasy and having the drug issues? >> good point. women's health expert. how will getting her off zoloft or prozac delay the drying out process? >> it doesn't really delay the drying out process because she's still apparently drying out. if you can tell even by the way she puts her fingers across her face constantly. she's not drying her tears or anything like that, it's part of her anxiety. zoloft, it takes about two weeks to kick in, prozac usually takes about four weeks to kick in. >> two of the lawyers, let me go
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to mickey sherman first. everything she said so far is about herself. do you think she's savvy enough not to give the information? what do you make of her comment that she's got information she may tell investigators to get out. >> i think she's desperate and we're also there's nothing to say what she says to get out is going to be the truth. and clearly, she is under the influence of the narcotics still. but there's nothing to suggest that she's going to give the authorities or anybody else or us, as we're watching this voyeuristic tape, anything that's going to lead the police to the actual killer of this young girl. >> well, police tend to disagree with you as usual, mickey sherman. because as we go to air tonight, they are combing over these tapes hoping for any evidence that might help find haleigh, dead or alive. as we go to break, happy birthday to pittsburgh friend betty.
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at 80 years old. she's a breast cancer survivor. she loves the pittsburgh steelers and the penguins. active with aarp. she never misses our show. she watches twice a night, but her true love, her six children, 17 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren. man. what a beautiful family you must have. happy birthday, betty.
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with us tonight, david schumer. he's in the fight against pancreatic and liver cancer in memory of ms. mother ellen. the ellen schumer pancreatic cancer and liver cancer golf tournament, may 10, suburban country club, baltimore. david, first of all, i want you to tell us about your mother. >> well, nancy, my mother was a wonderful woman. she had a personality that lit up a room when she walked in. had a fantastic sense of humor. she was the last one always to
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leave the party. she was just a great, wonderful person. then, nancy, three weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was taken from us. >> i recall when that happened. everything was so sudden. and it was like she never even got a chance to fight. she never got a chance to really fight. tell me about your project. >> well, the ellen schumer pancreatic and liver cancer fund was something i started back in late 2006 after my mother passed away. in an effort to help the medical community find a method of early detection and one day a cure for pancreatic cancer. today medicine is still using some of the very same treatments to treat pancreatic cancer that they were using when joan crawford passed away from the disease very quickly. after my mom passed away and i
8:56 pm
did a lot of research into why there's no method of early detection and no cure, i wanted to do something. so i started the ellen schumer pancreatic and liver cancer fund to help the medical community. >> you know, david schumer, so many people sit back and say, would have, could have, should have. you didn't. you are never, ever forgetting your mother. you are fighting every day in her memory. what can we do to help you? >> well, we can talk about pancreatic cancer. we can raise the awareness of this terrible disease. pancreatic cancer happens to be the ninth most common form of cancer, but it's the fourth most leading cause of cancer deaths. and because 95% of those people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are gone five years later within five years -- excuse me -- it has the highest mortality rate.
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people can help the ellen schumer fund by calling 410-328-3637. >> 410-328-3637. >> that's right. >> and we're putting all of this information on our website. please help the fight against pancreatic cancer. and to you, david schumer, god bless you. everyone, let's stop and remember army sergeant william brown, 25, field campbell, alabama, killed iraq. on a second tour, gave his life saving a fellow soldier. loved god and family and country. remembered for compassion. never met a stranger. leaves behind step-father eugene, sisters barbara, angel, marla, brother marty, widow rachel, sons ethan and tyler. william brown, american hero. thanks to our guests, but especially to you for being with us. see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. and until then, good night, friend.
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